Agate Pass at Sunrise

bainbridge island, agate pass, puget sound, sunrise, beachEverything was still. There was no sound. Only this rising ball of fire welcoming the Puget Sound residents to the day. On most occasions this time of day is too early for me to be out dressed and with my camera. And not on this day. On this day I was ready to capture God’s brilliance.

Dave wrote an inspirational book Another Sunrise. The book is about battling his demon, cancer, and how the gift of a camera changed his life. It is an outstanding book and I recommend everyone to grab a copy for your Kindle at Amazon. Let the story about Dave’s journey soak into your soul. It is powerful.

One of the things I enjoyed about Dave’s journey was the fact that he loves photographing the sun as well as nature. The sun seems magical to me as well. I wanted to dedicate this Agate Pass Sunrise photograph to Dave Riker and his journey. You can see more of Dave Riker’s photographs at his page. Take a moment and stop by to see what Dave is capturing.