Hayride at the local Pumpkin Farm

hayride-bobs corn-pumkin-farm-fall-motivation-attitudeLife can be simple and relaxing like a hayride… or barbary like a rusty barb wire fence. I would love to choose hayride first and today I cannot. Today I am climbing that barb wire fence to visit my daughter in jail. Not the moment in life I expected. Not one for the family scrap book.

And so I feel compelled to write and share this hayride photo. When I see it I am able to breath easier. My soul seems to soar with waves of tranquility. Just what I need for this black moment in life.

For the past five years I have used my photography as a device to de-stress life. That is all it began as for me. An outlet to release tension, fear, and stress. Photography has helped me smile from the inside out.

When I am behind the lens I am living effortlessly. At that moment I am lost in happiness.

For today, I find the above hayride photograph soothing, reflecting some sense of peace, and ease about this day. We should all live effortless every day by placing ourselves on a relaxing hayride where there is no stress.