Nuclear Joe

starbucks cupPurchase Nuclear Joe HERE

Relax… it’s over. No, not the end of the world due to a nuclear attack. Christmas is over. All the gifts that you carefully selected, wrapped up nice with a pretty bow, and slid gently under your Christmas tree are now memories. The ripping, screaming, clapping, joyous comments, and grandeur of the day are finished. What matters most are not the gifts, rather those friends and family we cherish and spend time with on the holiday. That is what matters most.

And when the holiday is complete you should head out to your local Starbucks for a relaxing moment with a fresh brewed Pike Roast coffee. You can reflect on the good times you just enjoyed with your friends and family and start planning the next year festivities.

The photograph above was captured inside a Starbucks in Bothell, Washington. I enjoyed a fresh Pike Roast brew while reflecting on life recently. Whenever I need inspiration I head into a Starbucks. Something about the coffee smells, atmosphere, and aura of these stores is magical. Like this Nuclear Joe photograph processed in infrared black and white.