In pursuit of my million dollar photograph

burke-gillman trail, bothell city park, bridge, sammamish riveFor 2015 I set four very specific goals. One gigantic stretch goal for my photography mission this year is to capture my million dollar photograph.

Master photographer Peter Lik is now the six million dollar man when it come to selling his work. Mr. Lik sold “Phantom” for a cool 6.5 million dollars. It is an awesome image and feels totally unique compared to other copies of the same scene. His feels a bit out of this world.

You can see “Phantom” on his web site. Click HERE.

Skykomish Sunrise” is my best photograph of 2014. Click HERE and enjoy.

For me… I have improved in 2014 and did some of my best work ever. Still I am unsatisfied with my talent and need to keep stretching and perfecting.

Things I need to consider in pursuit of my million dollar photograph….

1. Planning – The perfect capture does just show up. Yes, accidents may happen and lightening may strike your left ear on Tuesday morning also. Nope! The million dollar photograph needs dreaming, thinking, chasing, and taking. In 2015 I will do more intentional photography rather then accidental photography.

2. Action – The chase is afoot. To get the million dollar photograph I need to be thrust into shutter click after shutter clicks at just the right light and time of day.

3. Urgency – The million dollar photograph is not plastered all over the web. The million dollar photograph is kept under wraps, talked about, played up with a salivating need to see it and have it hang on the hollowed walls of some cool millionaire art collector.

I may not find my million dollar photograph in 2015, but I intent to seek it out anyway. This is my mission for the year. Stay tuned and please take a moment to comment on this post. Thank you all so much for your time seeing, reading, and commenting.