Sky Pincher at Garden of the Gods

If you have never made the trip to Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Colorado you are missing one of the world most spectacular monuments. Rock jets out the ground, stands tall in all different formations.

garden of the gods, colorado springs, colorado, landscape, nature, national monument

The park is completely free. Back in 1909 this park was given free to the world with the caveat that it remain free forever. You can drive up to the monuments, park, and walk for miles just viewing. No climbing allowed, however!!!

While I was snapping off a few stunners the park ranger dashed past me in a big hurry. Up the trail he went and into a long steep climb. He re-emerged soon in tow with two teenagers by the scuff. These two hoodlums walked past two signs that said “DO NOT ENTER.”

Mr. Ranger sir scolded and then indicated a $500 ticket was in there future for violating the rules of the park. Good for Mr. Ranger sir.

This image reminds me of a crab pinching the sky. Stop by my new gallery: Garden of the Gods to see and purchase Sky Pincher for your favorite space.

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