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An Industrial View of the Starbucks Logo

starbucks, logo, woodinville, coffee, mocha, espresso, brand

starbucks, logo, woodinville, coffee, mocha, espresso, brandIt was before sunrise and just after 5am when my need for a Pike Roast gripped me. I zoomed down the road with nothing but the Starbucks drive-thru in mind on my way to work. By the way… WORK SUCKS. Go live your life and do your art!!

lady starbucks, starbucks, coffee, logo, brand

After toiling and grinding in the factory it was time to dash out the gate. Out the gate I went to run some errands. The urge to jump into a local Starbuck grabbed me again and in I went for a grande cup of Pike Roast coffee.

I may have a drinking problem. Hmmm. And an addition to capturing Starbucks photos. Come by and see my Starbucks Gallery.

Anyway … while sitting outside the Starbucks waiting for those dark clouds to turn into rain or coffee dripping down on me I captured a few photos of the awesome logo in the metal mermaids hands.

Back at home with my Pike Roast still in hand I proceeded this image in HDR. Years later I came back to it and re-processed into this industrial look. I hope you all enjoy the new version.

Hope to see you at Starbucks.

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