Marlowe’s Saloon & Chop House in Denver

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Marlowe’s historic saloon and chop house is a must dine location in Denver, Colorado. It is abuzz with friends and family connecting, great food, local beers, livacious spirits, and overall GOOD TIMES.

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Marlowe’s echoes with the history and charm of Denver and the 16th Street Mall. Since opening our doors on the ground floor of the Historic Kittredge Building in 1982, Marlowe’s witnessed downtown’s steady growth from parking lots to skyscrapers. Our huge, imported sliding windows open to the 16th Street Mall and afford a wonderful opportunity for guests to watch downtown life glide past, while our hand-crafted Vermont cherry wood bars, vaulted ceilings and black-and-white tile floors are just a taste of our unique architectural style.

The Kittredge Building’s own history spans more than 122 years starting its life as Denver’s first “skyscraper”. The building has been home to a sanitarium, the headquarters of The Singer Sewing Machine Factory and the site of the first basketball games played west of the Mississippi River (organized by Dr. James Naismith, the inventor of the sport). Designed and built in 1889 by A. Morris Stuckert and Charles Marble Kittredge, respectively, the building’s design of steel beams, iron columns and four foot thick granite walls also included such newfangled wonders of the era as electricity, steam heat, fireproofing and elevators.

In years past, the Kittredge Building boasted an assemblage of physicians, architects, insurance salesmen and attorneys. Even the working class could enjoy the panoramic mountain views from the Casino Rooftop Garden and Amusement Park. With seating for over 300, it soon gained a reputation as the top entertainment venue in Denver. The building has since been renovated and is listed on the National Register for Historic Places. In 2010 the Kittredge Building earned the Energy Star designation for energy management.

Since Marlowe’s grand opening more than three decades ago, we have been one of Denver’s most popular spots for lunch, after-work cocktails and dinner. We continue to be committed to our community and pride ourselves on being the oldest locally owned and operated restaurant on the 16th Street Mall. We place strong emphasis on locally sourced products and love being a staple of the Downtown Denver scene!

History courtesy of website.