Before and After: Bolsa Chica State Beach


Quiet, a small amount of gentle wind, and sunny weather. A great combination for a sunburn. And photos at the beach without many people.

bolsa chica, beach, california, pacific, ocean, coast, pacific coast highway, sunset beach, seal beachBolsa Chica Beach RAW image

bolsa chica state beach

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This is the RAW photo unedited. And accompanying this one my processed HDR image.

Since we had wind, waves, and some movement I only captured one shot. Yes, this is synthetic HDR and I promise you can’t tell the difference in 3 bracketed shots. If I hadn’t told you you would not even know.

So, in Lightroom 5 I worked on some simple starter adjustment on image number one. Next I created two additional virtual copies and adjusted the exposure by 1.5 and -1.5. Then into Photomatix Pro for my HDR tone mapping merger.

After Photomatix I import back into LightRoom 5 and apply my custom presets for an advanced landscape effect that is natural, yet done in HDR. If I get some residual noise, as I did in this image I export to Topaz De-Noise and apply the moderate filter to remove some noise and re-import to LightRoom 5.

And…. Walllaw!! My final Bolsa Chica Beach capture ready for prime time.

What are your thoughts on this image?