Cravings lead to habits that lead to Facebook, Twitter, and even Starbucks

So… I was watching a young dude sit on the curb just outside a local Quiznos restaurant in my neck of the woods. This dudes rhythmic movement was almost hypnotic.

In his right hand was a lit cigarette. His arm extended straight out and locked at the elbow while supported by his knee. He seemed to be in a deep trans.

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In his right hand, a lit cigarette. His arm extended straight out locked at the elbow and supported by his knee. He seemed to be in a deep trans.


Like an automatic reflex his right arm extended toward his mouth and the dry side of the cigarette made its way into the dude’s mouth. He sucked up a long drag, blew out the smoke, and his arm reflexed back into the locked and resting position on his knee.

This ritualistic and hypnotic movement happened three times before my light turned green and I stepped on the gas to zoom on toward the freeway and  home.

But it got me thinking about the power of a habit. I also thought about the health care industry who seemed hell bent on blaming cigarette companies of lacing their cigarettes with habit forming nicotine and such. Not so!!

The habit seemed to be indebted in the act of moving this cigarette, hypnotically, toward the dude’s lips, sucking in a long puff, and exhaling the smoke. One, two, three, and then more, and then another cigarette.

A craving is created and a habit is born!!

So, we are speaking of cigarette smoking as a habit, however, the habit could be anything… Could be reading, could be eating, could be a hobby (like photography), or the post processing ritual of our photographs, or even a need for a steaming cup of Starbucks Pike Roast brew. We crave it!! We need it!! A habit is born.

There are good healthy habits like eating right, or exercising. Or there can be bad habits for us like over eating, eating the wrong foods, or engaging in Facebook surfing and liking.

Shift the craving and you shift the habit. But how??

Looking for your thoughts and comments. I will continue this post next time. We will explore your thoughts and also offer up some solutions to break the craving.

Until then… don’t blame the dude he is only acting on his craving, just like we act on our obsession with Facebook, Twitter, Social Media, Fast Food, or even (God bless them) Starbucks.