The meaning of a simple cross

del rey, mission, california, oceanside, san diego, historicAs a child I grew up in Southern California and took many school field trips to the Spanish Mission at San Juan Capistrano. San Juan Capistrano is known for the return of the Swallows that return each year on the same day and time. It is an amazing this to witness this event.

My photo journey actually began at San Juan Capistrano. My father was a professional portrait photographer and taught me the tenets of great photography and camera settings while photographing the train tracks just outside of San Juan Capistrano.

I do not have any of those photos left. Somewhere along life they were lost and so was my Dad.

This image is of an old cross in the cemetery at Mission Del Rey near Oceanside and about 40 miles from San Diego California.


This is an old cemetery cross at Del Rey Mission located near Oceanside and about 40 miles from San Diego California. It’s just a cross… no big deal, except for me t his image is powerful. This image is powerful because it was capture hours after my Grandmother passed away in San Bernardino, California.

I missed seeing her and saying goodbye by about 10 minutes.

Take a few moments to see this image and allow it to remind you of someone you have lost that means the world to you and reflect on the light they put into your life.