Going to the Mountain in Montana

landscape, mountain, glacier national park, montana, happiness, forgiveness Sometimes the world is a bliss and sometimes it is dire and dark. When the world is bliss… rejoice! When it turns dark… go to the mountain and seek peace. Practice being at one with the big world and forgiving those that have trespassed against you. Forgive is a prescription for success and happiness.

This mountain in Montana could just be you prescription. Close your eyes, breath in and out, and release the darkness and let the light save your life.

Going to the Mountain Montana was capture along Road to the Sun inside Glacier National Park in Montana. The storm was coming in fast. And before you knew it thunder clapped and lightning illuminated the sky, and then it was gone and the sun came out again. Just like life. Hold on through the storm and soon the sun will shine again.

Enjoy the journey of life and remember to go to the mountain in time of need.