A Country Store in Clearview Washington

bobs country store

Have you ever been to real country store. A place where the aisles are small, the products are local, and the clerk behind the counter offers up a warm friendly smile.

This country store is locate at Bob’s Corn and Pumpkin Patch in Clearview Washington.

What intrigues me about this photograph is the moment in time. All those shoppers… some with happy, some with a deep sadness, and some blessed to be alive. A true still life moment in time that reminds me of a Norman Rockwell painting.

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This Clearview Country Store photograph was capture the fall of 2014. I still remember the day. There was the smell of burning logs in the air, sweet kettle corn, and tangy apple cider. Kids were running and playing, grabbing at the ripe pumpkins, and petting goats in the petting barn. It was a wonderful fall day.

Get ready!! Fall 2015 is heading our way.

Get ready to cozy up to the fireplace while the wind whips outside and the chill in the air grips your soul. Grab someone you love and cuddle up until the Spring breaks and we head back toward the warm weather of summer.

Enjoy this image of fall from 2014. New 2015 fall images coming soon.