Icicle Brewing Company, Leavenworth Washington

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We landed in Leavenworth after an impromptu wedding engagement event. It was too be a surprise so we needed to stay out of sight.

… figured hiding out at Icicle Brewing Company at the east end of the town of Leavenworth was a good plan. We drank a pitcher of Khoas Kolsch beer. Very tasty. And accompanying our beer were two oversized pretzels. WOW!!

What a fantastic hangout spot in Leavenworth. You can check out their website here.

So… I  had to get a photograph of the quaint brewery. AND… I had to finish it in HDR.

The sky was foggy. The ground was smattered with snow and ice. The weather was chilly. And the scene screamed winter fun.

This entire image was one shot with exposure correction and two additional virtual copies for editing. I used LightRoom 5 and Photomatix Pro. That’s it!! Just those two.

Inside of Photomatix I created a new 2016 preset that I like. It is set to create a more natural look and feel rather than one of those harsh over cooked HDR that some rail against. Hope you like the feel.

After importing back into LightRoom 5 I made some corrections to contrast, clarity, vibrance, saturation, highlights, and shadows. Finally, to help this Icicle Brewing Company photo to pop I painted in more specific clarity, blues, contrast in the sky, and turned my blue snow white again.

Overall… great beer and pretzels, atmosphere at the brewery, and fantastic final Leavenworth Washington urban image.