A great photography business begins with your “essential message”

motivate, motivation, motivational quote, mediate, success, happinessSince 2007 I have been obsessed with this hobby of photography. I get out and shoot as often as possible. In 2016 I was fortunate to get to California, Idaho,  Colorado, Montana, and of course my home state of Washington.

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I shoot. I edit. I experiment with my technique. I continuously learn through online courses of other HDR photographers I respect.

I am dedicated to this hobby and have been able to turn it into something that pays me enough to fund my photography passion.

And I know I could market my talents better. I could be obsessed with selling my art more often. I could. I could. I could.

Have you ever heard yourself say those same words. Maybe they are related to photography or something else you have a talent for in life.

Recently, I purchased another course to help me lift my photography passions and talent to the next level by actively marketing and increasing my annual income from SpencerMcDonaldPhotography (outdoor portrait), JustListedPhotography (HDR real estate), and my HDR fine art natural landscapes and urban landscapes offered at Fine Art America .

One of the first lessons was related to knowing what your “essential message” is related to your photography. This “essential message” could be thought of as your “why”for what you do. What is driving you?

Here is what Nigel Merrick at PrimeFocusLab.com says in early in his course:

It all starts with what we call your essential message. I don’t mean essential in the sense that it’s required, even though it obviously is needed, but in the sense of it being the essence of who you are as a photographer, the core values that your business stands for, the main benefit your clients enjoy from working with you, and – probably most importantly of all – why you do what you do.

I think Mr. Merrick has something here. He is help us center on who we actually are as a photographer. What is our niche, our specialty, our voice.

However, I did find the activity hard to get through. Probably because I have never really thought about my true “essential message.” I seem to be all over the board at times. In 2016 I have a goal of better inner focus to help me focus my business model and earn what I am worth.

Here are a couple of take aways:

  1. Writing help a person think. Sounds kind of funny. When I write I am actively putting pixels to screen and those pixels are bouncing back into my mind, a new meaning or discovery is connected to my brain. It works for me and it may work for your. Give it a try.
  2. Meditation lifts the fog from my mind. This activity sounds “new age.” Just the quiet time (10 minutes or so) helps me to think deeper, clearer, and sometimes an “ah ha” happens.
  3. Your essential message begins with single words. So, I mentioned this exercise in PrimeFocusLabs.com was no walk in the park. It was thoughtful, deep, and required hours of consideration. After a while, I discovered single words helped me begin the real process of finding my “why” and still I continue to work at finding the real “essential message.”
  4. Take a moment. I am a very impatient man by nature. Seems I want it now. I don’t want to wait or be delayed by myself or others. This is a weakness I continue to work at daily. And, I find, when you relax, meditate, take the time necessary, you tend to find a more complete solution to your answers. Remember that Rome was not built in a day.

So these are my discoveries around finding my “essential message.” This will continue to be my goal over the next few weeks in January.

I would love to hear from you around your “why” or “essential message” related to photography or what ever your talent may happen to be. I believe when we truly find that message we will have found the switch that turns on the lights of happiness.

Go out and discover YOU and YOUR MESSAGE…. hey and then come on over and check out my galleries at FAA.

Happy New Year and a prosperous 2016.