Winter at Skykomish

I have to admit it to you. I LOVE SKYKOMISH!!

skykomish, winter, great northwestSkykomish is a sleepy small town located in the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, near Deception Falls on the Skykomish River.

You enter the town off of Highway 2 across the Skykomish River via an old steel bridge. As you enter the main streets in Skykomish you will find the historic Skykomish Hotel on your left. Today this hotel sits empty and dilapidating with stands of mold through out the interior. What a shame.

skykomish, winter, skykomish hotel, hotelThe Skykomish Hotel was “for sale” and the Sky Valley Chronicle is reporting it has been sold to an out of state party.

As reported from

“It’s the home of the blue lady. The story goes that on the very top floor of this place it use to be a speak easy where the lady’s of the night entertained and where gambling went on. One of the prostitutes had a new boyfriend. The boyfriend walked in on her as she was doing business with a John. He was so enraged. Forgetting what her line of business was he killed her.”

Definitely worth a peek inside the windows. Now that it is sold… better sooner rather than later on that peek in the windows.

Take a left as you come into town at the four-way stop and you will come upon the Whistling Post Tavern and Historic Cascadia Hotel and restaurant. Don’t worry about parking. There is ample space for everyone.

skykomish, winter, cascadia hotel, restaurantBe sure to stop into the Whistling Post Tavern. You will encounter a fun old style tavern that has been update recently due to a fire. And I must say… this post on the map cooks up the best fried chicken anywhere. Worth the trip just for the fried chicken!!

While you are at the Whistling Post Tavern you can catch a Seahawks game, Mariners game, or just engage in friendly chit chat with a local or skier passing through.

skykomish, winter, whistling post, tavern

As a photographer this is a rich town. You have the option of photographing the Skykomish River, towns architecture, railroad cars, parked or moving trains, a brilliant sky, or unique Pacific Northwest landscape.

Bring your favorite DLSR camera… OR grab a new one!!

You are sure to leave with some cool memories, a belly full from some awesome fried chicken at the Whistling Post Tavern, and a few outstanding photographs for your collection.

Spencer McDonald