Drama in the San Joaquin Valley

san joaquin, pacheco pass, california, central california, landscape, hills, green, cloudsLast Sunday I had the opportunity to drive from Clovis back to San Jose California to grab my flight back to Seattle. The distance is about 165 miles and the drive takes roughly three hours if you have the peddle to metal.

This Sunday I was more interested in meandering back toward the airport. My drive took more like five hours and several stops along Highway 152 at Pacheco Pass and though the San Joaquin Valley.

The hills were so green and just seemed to roll along into the distance forever. Interesting trees, cows, and steer dotted the landscape. Seeing this view was pure joy to the eyes and the mind.

Even with threatening skies this view was spectacular.

Thing thing that strikes me about this landscape scene is the sense of balance. On one hand you have that dynamic and dramatic sky and on the other you have the peace of the lush green land. Overall… you feel balance as you look deeper into this photograph.

Please enjoy this view of the hills of San Joaquin Valley. And pray for the farmers who need more water in the reservoir to support their lifestyle.

Spencer McDonald

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