Public Restroom Grunge

We all have an artistic flare deep inside of us. Some find it sooner, some later, and some die with their art in their soul. Those who never uncover their art is truly tragic.

urban, grunge, city, restroom, bathroom, dirty, HDR, urban HDROn occasion I like to get out to the grunge of the city and capture urban bliss. This urban bliss inside a public restroom struck me in an artistic way.

Those lost souls, like POLOES, seem to walk in the dark. They seem to never realize just how good they are in art and in life. So they settle for a lonely signature in a public restroom to the testament of their lives.

I see it in public restrooms and corporate restrooms just the same.

This image truly shares the loneliness of POLOES. What if POLOES were to walk out of the dark shadows and bring his art forward. I imagine it would be spectacular. I imagine it might capture his vision for life. I imagine if might set POLOES free from a life of running, hiding, and penning his name in public restrooms.

Do you know a POLOES in your life?

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