10 Alone Time Benefits with Nature and Your Camera

HDR, HDR photography, landscape, urban, northwest, seattle, washington, puget soundMy camera and this art we call photography has been a real stress reliever for me personally. Whenever I find myself feeling stressed or leaning into depression, my camera is my therapist.

I have created these 10 ideas that you too may feel as you go out on your own to capture our beautiful world in pixels or on film.

  1. Time to Slow Down and Breath
  2. Time to Appreciate Life and Nature
  3. Time to Become More Focused
  4. Time to Bring Clarity to Mind
  5. Time to Recommit to a Life on Purpose
  6. Time to Explore Without Distractions
  7. Time to Reset Your Priorities
  8. Time to Consider Your Photography Legacy
  9. Time to Be Creative with Your Art
  10. Time to Simply Relax

Trek on my fellow photographers!! Your journey is always the next photograph you capture that makes a statement about who you are as a person and as an artist. We need more of you in our wonderful world.

… and when you get a moment, please check out my gallery. I would love to read your thoughts in the comment section. 😉

Spencer McDonald

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