11 cool coffee facts and snarky comments

starbucks logo, starbucks brandJasneet Singh brings us an interesting and surprising list of very cool coffee facts. I have share them below with my own commentary to follow each cool fact.

  1. Drinking coffee can help you burn fat. Studies have shown that caffeine increases metabolism which can help in burning body fat. This is why I eat non-stop and never seem to increase my numbers on the scale. I am good to go to continue eating and offset my bad habits with the rich habit of fresh coffee. Yeah!!
  2. The 1st of October is celebrated as “Official Coffee Day of Japan.” Hmmm. Next time in Japan I will make it in conjunction with Coffee Day in Japan. Now that was cool fact.
  3. Iced Coffee is more expensive because it uses more resources than hot coffee. This cool fact falls into the category of “No Duh!”
  4. Black Ivory Coffee which is the most expensive kind of coffee in made from elephant dung. It costs $160 per pound. Now that is a cup of joe I will not be drinking. However, I will be drinking Starbucks Pike Roast and saving about $158 bucks per cup. What do you drink at Starbucks. You could even buy one of my cool Starbucks images from my way cool gallery if you like cheaper than elephant dung flavored coffee.
  5. It takes approximately 40 Coffee beans to make an espresso coffee. Not 39 and not 41, but 40!  I like the specificity of this cool coffee fact.
  6. Coca-Cola makes a canned coffee called “Georgia” which is available in Japan, Singapore, South Korea, India, and Bahrain. That is news to me. And good for American capitalism to find its way into a different country to be able to compete in the coffee market… cause they can’t beat Starbucks or McDonald’s in the coffee business on American soil. And I do love an ice cold Coca-Cola every once in a while.
  7. Drinking coffee helps in decreasing liver disease caused due to alcohol called cirrhosis, which can cause cancer and liver failure. This is actually outstanding news for me and millions of other stressed out Americans who love their alcohol. I love my Cabernet and Pinot Noir too much. It is good to know I am fighting off potential liver damage by countering each glass of wine with a cup of coffee. Nice!!
  8. Coffee improves your performance when working out. Caffeine increases your levels of adrenaline, and releases fatty acids from fat tissues, leading to a better physical performance. This is exactly why I do my leg lifts while sitting stationary in my desk chair. I know I need some movement to stay physically fit and it is good know coffee is helping improve my chair exercise with benefits.
  9. After Oil, coffee is the second most traded commodity on the world. And to think there are no good coffee wars going on in the world only wars over oil, religion, and politics. We should be more like coffee and just stay mellow.
  10. There is a spa in Japan that lets you bathe in coffee, tea, or wine. Now that is devine. I can go for bathing in coffee, tea, or wine every day. To be able to do this would help my zen level. Let’s all head to Japan to soak.
  11. Coffee is actually a fruit! That’s right, coffee beans are actually the pits of berries. No wonder coffee is so darn good for you. We aren’t just drinking coffee, we are getting our daily fruit intake through our cups of coffee.

Really hope you enjoyed this list as much as I did. Please take a moment to review my Starbucks gallery. Thank you.

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