Becoming the City of Everett Washington

One of the styles of photography I love to capture is urban, or as I like to call it… urban grunge.

street life, homeless, america

urban photography, city, cities, urban grunge, homeless, americaThese particular images have much meaning for me.

As I parked at this abandoned YWCA parking lot just off a seedy alleyway I noticed a broken man in tattered clothing, old blankets, and shoes that wear as brown as the earth.

His quest for the day was food and a shower. He meakly asked if I had any change. Usually, I don’t hand out my change… and today was different. Something inside of me felt compassion.

I dug through and under my seats to find all I could and then dumped it into his grimy outstretched hand.

After photographing that wall I returned to the man and asked “How long have you been on the streets?” His reply “Sixteen years.” Can you imagine not having a bed, a roof, or a refrigerator full of food. That has never been my situation in life. It was sad to me.

And I am only one man with a camera. I can not feed the world but I can feed the kind soul of others through my lens.

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HDR by Spencer