Sunrise on Puget Sound

For two straight days it poured down rain. Dark gray clouds blocked any blue sky or sun. It was the typical Northwest day on the Puget Sound from Camano Island. Then on the third day of my trip the clouds broke, the rain went east, and the sun rose in spectacular glory.

puget sound sunrise, sunrise, camano island, waterscape, landscape

I am always in awe of the landscape around the Pacific Northwest and Puget Sound. When the sun shines I feel alive, full of energy, and grateful for the opportunity to witness and capture such beauty.

This is three images captured at about 6am facing Southeast from Camano Island. My settings were 100 ISO, f20, 30mm, and 1/125 second. I process the image using the following software:

Photomatix Pro 5 – Used for creating high dynamic range.
Topaz Software Suite – Photoshop enhancement plugin software.
Onone Software Perfect Photo Suite for Lightroom and Aperture – Photographers choice for photo editing.
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6