“Before and After” at a Lonely Beach

Welcome to “Before and After” Friday!! This is the day where I share the original RAW image and my final HDR image.

Today we are at a lonely beach under a threatening Northwest sky. There were no boats, only a single seagull enjoying the shoreline at low tide.

HDR by Spencer

HDR by Spencer

I captured three images off my tripod. Then I merged the three images together using Photomatix Pro, removed the ghosts, exported back to LightRoom 5. Inside of LightRoom 5 I adjust the highlights, shadows, whites and blacks. Then I increased the clarity, vibrance just a touch, and added a splash of saturation.

Next, I exported to OnOne Perfect Photo 10.5 and bumped the colors and the added just a smidge of glow. And… this is the final outcome.

I certainly hope you like the final look.