Silver Lake in Everett Washington

silver lake, everett, washingtonThe sunshine finally arrived over Silver Lake. Ducks paddled out from the shore. Lilly pads glistened with sunshine. And I captured this peek-a-boo image from the muddy shore in my nice Doc Martin shoes.

It was nice to be at Silver Lake again. It is a place I drive past every day and hardy ever stop. Seems I am in such a hurry to get somewhere that I miss the beauty that is right under my nose. Not today… today I captured it.

This image was a single shot. I did capture five bracketed shots, however the wind was whistling and there was quiet a bit of movement (ghosting) when I merged the five images together. I chose laziness and opted to not remove ghosts, thus a single shot HDR.

I processed using LightRoom 5, Photomatix Pro, Topaz DeNoise, and OnOne Perfect Suite 10.5 for a final (very subtle) glow effect.