10 success rules that create a beautiful life

HDR by Spencer

Steve Irwin was a wildlife expert. I lived with passion and died doing what he loved best. Below are his 10 Rules for Success.

  1. Love what you do
  2. Treat others the way you want to be treated
  3. Don’t get complacent
  4. Bring goodness into the world
  5. Follow your passion
  6. Focus
  7. Be yourself
  8. Have heroes
  9. Know your mission
  10. Have fun

My favorite of the 10 is number 9… know your mission. In his YouTube interview he is so passionate about his mission of SAVE THE WILDLIFE that his words just pull you right in to live the mission with him. That is what a personal mission is all about.

How about your mission in life?? Are you living it out loud? Are you so passionate that other will follow where you are going?

I think most of us could  use a kick in the seat of the pants regarding our mission.

Step up your game!! Watch his interview and start to apply your life to these rules and when you do LIFE is BEAUTIFUL.