Hawk Creek Resort near Lake Roosevelt

lake roosevelt, recreation, colviille indian reservation

When life presses… why not get away from all your stress. Escape to your own paradise far away from the crowds, traffic jams, and hustle and bustle of the city. Hawk Creek Resort is your answer.

This is a spectacular view facing “due north” from our property at the resort.

Nearby is Lake Roosevelt with loads of recreation opportunities and Hawk Creek Campground if you are so inclined to sleep in a tent. Sorry… not for me. I prefer motels and hotels.

The views are stunning. In the distance is the Colville Indian Reservation. Check out their history on the Colville website.

We are fairly new owners at Hawk Creek and I am itching to stay the night under the stars. Imagine the milky way shots I can capture from the top of this mountain at Hawk Creek.