From Kerry Park with Love Seattle Style

seattle, kerry park, queen anne, downtown seattle, space needle, seattle cityscapeIt took me a bit of time just walking around Kerry Park to find the perfect composition. At last I think I found it.

Just loved the billboard of a light pole to highlight the grunge side of Seattle. In some small way it feels quite apropos.

And to suggest that Kerry Park is indeed a REAL park is a complete understatement. The park sits in Queen Anne and is no bigger than a postage stamp. I expected lush lawns and lots of room to roam. That would be my definition of a REAL park. Not the case.

I really should expand my horizons on REAL or not real park. Just because it is not REAL does not mean it did not have one of the best views of a city in America. Many tourist were here with their iPhone sticks and clicking some choice selfies.

I have lived in the Seattle area since 1989 and never been to this park. I have seen some “way cool” photos from here and never captured my own. Today I am no longer a Kerry Park virgin.

Please enjoy this grunge view of downtown Seattle, the Space Needle, and a well decorated (grunge up) light pole from Kerry Park.

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