Ride the Seattle Monorail

seattle, seattle monorail, seattle center station, alweg, transportation, 1962 world's fair, city of seattleThe Seattle Monorail has been operating since Spring of 1962. You can ride between Seattle Center and Westlake Center located in the heart of downtown Seattle. Round trip tickets to ride for adults at $4.50 as of this posting. Children and seniors are discounted.

I waited at the Seattle Center station for the Monorail to arrive. After about 10 minutes a signal chimed at the station and the Monorail turn left into Seattle Center from the EMP.

My camera was primed and ready. I snapped off three different images. One image was from a distance, one from mid-way into the station, and the final image was of the Monorail parked and passengers dis-embarking.

The image above is of the mid-way point of the Monorail into the station. Buy this Monorail image now and add to your wall space.

There are more cool history facts about the Seattle Monorail located on their “about” page. Pop over if you like and read all about the Monorail history…. or just check out these bullet points.

  • Built to support the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair. The Monorail provide transportation between fairgrounds and downtown.
  • Alweg Rapid Transportation System constructed the Monorail in 1961 out of their own pocket.
  • The Seattle Monorail opened on March 24, 1962.
  • Construction of the Monorail cost $3.5 million.
  • 8 million people rode on the Monorail during the 6 months of the fair.
  • The City of Seattle purchased the Monorail system from Century 21 Corp for $600,000.
  • Nearly 2 million people per year ride the Monorail.
  • A few years back the Monorail caught on fire.
  •  There was an expansion plan for the Monorail that was cancelled in 2005.

I hope to bring you many more NEW images from around Seattle. Bookmark this blog and check back. I promise to excite you with some cool stuff.