Before and After: Dramatic Seattle Skyline

This is my RAW image straight out of the camera from Kerry Park near Capital Hill in Seattle.

seattle skyline, seattle, space needle, downtown seattle, kerry park

Final image processed in classic black and white. You can purchase Seattle Skyline here.

seattle skyline, seattle, space needle, downtown seattle, kerry park

This was not an easy image to process. Total processing time was around an hour and a half. And the results were awesome.

My intention was to capture an image that had a still city and moving sky. With little wind my best intentions did not pan out as I had hoped. Nonetheless, I feel I captured a dynamic photograph of the Seattle Skyline that included the iconic Seattle Space Needle. This one is a keeper.

My camera settings were as follows for this shot:

ISO 100  |  50mm  | f18  | 10 seconds

I use ISO 100 for about 95% of my outdoor shots around the Pacific Northwest due to dreary, doom and gloom of the sky on most days (except summer). My goal is to capture the best light possible.

Here is my general process.

  2. Created one virtual copy
  3. Adjusted the exposure for more light
  4. Sharpening at 75, Luminance at 25 (it was on a tripod, so not much movement except clouds), masking for sharpness of the city – 45
  5. Remove chromatic abrasions and hit the Auto button
  6. Create virtual copies of the adjusted image so that you have 5.
  7. Adjusted the 5 images exposure as follows: 2, 1, 0, -1, -2
  9. Selected my personally mixed preset and applied
  11. Added circular light in areas
  12. Removed dust spots
  13. Removed noise with TOPAZ DE-NOISE
  14. EXPORT TO PHOTO PERFECT for black and white conversion
  15. Converted to Kodak Electra 100 true film

… and there you have it. Plus you can have this one hanging in your favorite spot in your home or office. Just click here.