Compliments act to inspire the artist

landscape, sunrise, lake mcdonald, glacier national park, montana, boat on the lake, mirror reflectionFine Art America serves two purposes for me and I am sure for thousands and thousands of artists who use this website.

First, you can upload you art and place it for sale if you like. Fine Art America will do most of the web marketing for you and drive art buyers to your work based upon key words. Second, you can engage in many different groups where you can share your art work and others will comment. I truly enjoy engaging in “positive” conversation with many artists at Fine Art America.

So… today when I opened my email inbox at FAA this is a snippet of what I found from one group leader.

I just wanted to say that if for any reason you feel unhappy with this group and the way it is run please feel free to leave it. I am not holding anyone here if they feel their art is superior to everyone elses in the group. If this is how you feel then please leave the group and find one that better meets your expectations.

So I gotta say “right on” to my friend Paul who posted this email.

In my opinion, many photographers seems to believe they have the gift and others are simply hacks at the craft. Not so my narrow minded friends. Art is in the eye of the beholder. What one person may like other detest.

I am sure some do not like my HDR work. I am sure they say things like “HDR is a fad, or HDR is dirty photography.” That may be so in the eyes of someone who does not have a taste for HDR, and thank God I have fans who think different.

This is just one nice comment from Bijan about my Sunrise on the Lake photograph captured at Lake McDonald inside Glacier National Park in Montana.

This gorgeous image has such a tangible quality to it that it makes me want to be there right now. It’s almost as if you can reach in or reach out and touch the pebbles which means, Mr. Spencer you have one of the greatest characteristics of a virtuoso artist : You can bring a scene to life just by interpreting it in your own unique way. Much kudos to you, my man. Here in Colorado, we have Twin Lakes surrounded by high mountains. It looks almost exactly like this lake and the mountains that surround it.

Those are the types of comments that keep me engaged in my art and keep me happy. Negative comments only seek to belittle others talents and aim to kill any ambition. And I think it is due to their own fear or inadequacy.

I ask (like my friend Paul) you to rise to the occasion and think, speak, and interact with other artists in a positive and uplifting way. The world is pretty negative as it is today. As a group we can support and lift others to a higher plain of thinking and acting.

There I said my two cents on this issue. Now lets get back to creating, creating, and creating.