7 Simple Steps to Excellence in Real Estate Photography

Like a good Boy Scout… always be prepared.

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Prior to setting out on the road to do any real estate photography there are a few “must do” items to check off the list.

Why?? Because you never know what could go wrong while on location shooting. And you certainly don’t want to be caught with your short down. Be professional and be prepared.

  1. The Weather – I check my iPhone for the latest weather in the city where I will be shooting the night prior to my shoot. Rain is not a good factor for excellent outdoor photos.
  2. The Shoot – Verify with your client (real estate broker) that the shoot is still on. I have had times when listings were cancelled at the last minute or just that plans change. As Ronald Reagan once said “Trust but verify.”
  3. The Real Estate Broker – Make one final contact to ask about the property. You want to know square footage or any special circumstances, or special features to pay attention to while you are photographing the property.
  4. The Car – Sounds funny, but make sure you have enough gas to get where you are going. Time is of the essence sometimes when heading toward a property. The last thing you want to discover is the car is on E. Plan ahead so you do not have to make any additional stops along the way to the property.
  5. The Equipment – I use a Nikon D600 with Tokina 16 -24mm lens. Those are an excellent combo for real estate images. You may find this odd but I do not use a flash… however I do bring one along in my bag just in case. On occasions I will capture gardens or a special indoor feature and that requires a flash. Most times I use long exposure and capture 5 frames each for my primary indoor and exterior images that will process best into HDR that looks quite natural and not blown out. As an addition I carry a Tokina 24 – 70 for those indoor special feature items. So that is one camera, one flash, two lenses, extra batteries, a remote trigger, lens cleaner, and a tripod. I am quite compact when I show up at a shoot.
  6. Communicate – Let your real estate broker know what is happening. Also what will happen after the shoot. Inform him or her of time frame for processing and upload time, as well as where you will upload so that they can download to their computer for use.
  7. Go the extra mile – I alway upload to PixieSet.com and provide 2 CDs at no additional charge. One CD is for the real estate broker to keep as a back up and the second one is a gift that the real estate broker can give to the client if they choose.

That is it… my 7 simple steps to excellence in real estate photography.

If you are a real estate broker serving King or Snohomish County, please contact me so that we can start working together to provide “above and beyond” photographs for your marketing material. You can see my website at www.justlistedphotography.com.