From the Everett Marina with Love

everett, marina, washington, fishing boats, crab, water, puget sound

This is a photograph of the Everett Washington marina while we were partaking of a fresh crab feed. When I say “fresh” I mean fresh. The guys had just come in from crabbing, cleaned, and cooked the crab. It was fantastic.

You can’t get that in Missouri.

I snuck away and captured a few shots. This one is a one frame image converted into three frames in LightRoom 5 (-2, 0, +2). Then into Photomatix Pro and processed to look natural without blown out details, highlights, and such. After Photomatix Pro I imported back into LightRoom 5 to do my final touch ups, which usually include a contrast bump, increased highlights, and shadows.

This image was still lacking in saturation and contrast so I used PerfectPhoto 10.5 to increase the colors and bump up the contrast a tad.

I do like the final image. I think it works. Enjoy.