9 Simple Steps to Becoming a Great Photographer

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Are you a good photographer seeking to become a great photographer?

This was my goal after stepping into a Peter Lik Gallery in Waikiki Hawaii. I was in awe at his work. So clear. Perfect composition. Details that sparkled and drew in to see the image. Colors that inspired and provoked your checkbook out to purchase one of his prints for around $12,000.

Then he bested himself and sold “Phantom” for millions.

So… I want to make this post very simple. I want to offer you 9 Simple Steps to Becoming a Great Photographer.

And before that… you need to get your head screwed on right. If you go around with a defeatist attitude you will be defeated, and the sad thing is you will have defeated yourself. DECIDE to believe in your talent. Only those, like Peter Lik, who subscribe to ability and that you will win will actually win.


Here is how you become a great photographer.

  1. Step up the mirror and forgive yourself for not believing in your talent. You must shift your mindset if you are going to become great as a photographer or anything in life.
  2. Sit down, close your eyes, and visualize what GREAT PHOTOGRAPHER looks and feels like for you. This is your GREAT not mine or someone else.
  3. Now write it down. Write it as a story of your life. What are you photographing? Where are capturing these world class images? How does that feel?
  4. Define you personal vision. My vision is as follows: Inspiring the world through words and photographs. Very simple and it resonates with me. What is your vision?
  5. Grab you gear and get out doors. Go to the city. Go to the mountains, rivers, lakes, villages, or far lands.
  6. Fail!! Take bad photographs, ugly photographs, and out of focus photographs.
  7. Never give up. Learn from your failures. If an image is out of focus, learn new techniques to capture tack sharp images every time. And be willing to practice, practice, and practice more.
  8. Share and market your best photographs. Get busy getting noticed.
  9. Continuously learn from those you admire in the photography trade. Find mentor who captures similar genre of photographs you do.

Massive action is the only way to achieve whatever it is you want in your life. The same applies to going from a good photographer into a great photographer.

I hope these 9 Simple Steps to Becoming a Great Photographer.

Thank you for reading and seeing my art.