Rock Star Real Estate Photography from Darrington Washington

darlington, home, real estate, real estate photographyThe drive to this quaint home in Darrington Washington was beautiful. You could ask for no more beautiful scenery than that present along Highway 530.

My travels from Snohomish Washington to this oversized 4 bedroom home sitting on 10 city lots and surrounded by mountain peaks with snowcaps took about an hour. This Montague home is located at the end of Highway 530, standing against a beautiful summer Northwest sky.

I had a few extra minutes so I toured around the city and neighborhood streets of Darrington.

I was impressed by the cleanliness of the city. It has been well kept and struck me as a fine place to raise a family… if you are so inclined to “get out to nature” away from the city and crime to raise your family in a more wholesome environment.

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Most times when I shoot a property for my “Star Realtors” I only meet them at the home. This time I was blessed with the opportunity to meet the owner. This gentleman had been in the logging field for many years and seemed to have a perm-grin on his face. I understood his family had owned this property for some 60 years. Now it was time to retire and seek new adventures. Such a genuine person. So full of happiness.

I really hope to get an opportunity to capture more exceptional homes through my lens in and around Darrington Washington. Darrington is truly one of those beyond beautiful places in our world. A hidden gem that you must see… and along your travels down Highway 530 take a moment to stop at the site of the Oso mudslide that killed many and pay your respects.