5 things to do at your local Starbucks in the City

As stated many times on my blog post… I absolutely love the people, culture, products, and complete Starbucks brand. Some may argue, but I believe any Starbucks store to be a sanctuary where you sit, think, and enjoy coffee or mocha, and relax for a moment.

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This Starbucks in the City photograph was captured on Colby in Everett Washington. What I love about this image is certainly the Starbucks logo and most of all I love the people at the table just enjoying the day and life. I also enjoy the wandering gentleman who seemed to dreaming about being in the place of those lucky individuals at the Starbucks tables.

So I wanted to list 5 really awesome things you can do at a Starbucks. Certainly there are many many more things to do and these are the ones that come to mind for me.

  1. I can edit my new photos while enjoying a grande Pike Roast
  2. I can whip out my iPad and read the book I am engaged in currently. Just started Cardone Grant’s book The Power of 10x.
  3. I can people watch and dream about switching lives if only for a moment
  4. I can write a new blog post and share a new photo while marketing my fine art or real estate photography business.
  5. You can search my www.one23images.com gallery page and see my 300+ stunning HDR photographs and share with your best friends.

I would certainly like to see your top 5 list for great things to do at your locals Starbucks store. Go ahead and take the challenge and start making your list and leave it in the comments.