Abandoned School House in Eastern Washington

Abandoned and simply astonishing!! Any landscape photographers dream shot!!

I have driven by this old and abandoned school house multiple times. This one remains my most favorite abandoned structure in Eastern Washington to date.

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On many other occasions down Highway 2 I have stopped and captured cool images of the inside and outside of this abandoned school house. Today I even got a chance to fly my drone over head prior to the battery dying and got one decent shot.

abandoned, structure, school house, eastern washington, landscape, drone photographySeems each time I stop by there is more and more tagging on this school house, both inside and outside.

If you want to see the abandoned school house first hand it is located just of J SE, which is off Highway 2 just 10 miles west of Coulee City. You will find many abandoned barns and other structures along the highway. Each representing a time gone by.

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