Before and After: Interior Real Estate Photography

I wanted to share a before and after of my real estate photography. How you are inspired by the possibility of great interior real estate photography.

ew2016_30 200 wm

So… many real estate professionals might simply SNAP a photo similar to the one above and post to their local MLS. Now I gotta ask…. you as a home owner are paying possibly 6% commission to your real estate agent and he/she is delivering substandard photos to market your home. How do you feel??

I work with the best agents in Snohomish and King County to create professional real estate photos that super charge a home’s visual beauty. You can see more at

This is an example of a finished 5 frame photo that is post edited using my proprietary editing touches.

real estate photography, interior, exterior

Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for see. And be sure to swing by my real estate photography site to see my gallery of fantastic photos I have done for the best real estate professionals in and around Snohomish and King Counties.