Lonely Railroad Tracks in Snohomish Washington

These railroad tracks through Snohomish Washington are quite remote… not abandoned, just simply used very rarely.tracks are very remote. They reside off of Springhetti Road in the farm area of Snohomish. One of my favorite roads. So peaceful. So quiet.

railroad tracks, snohomish, washington, landscape, landscape photography, fine art photographyAnd a great place for outdoor portrait photography. Recently I capture a “Save the Date” for an upcoming wedding along these railroad tracks. It was an awesome shoot.

Check out Springhetti Photography.

Regarding this image. What I love best is the solitude of the setting. It feels like a place you can go to think without the distraction of others, cell photos, and the noise of cars. Possibly a key spot to practice meditating or yoga. You decide.

My process was in three separate framed off of a tripod. I am shoot for more natural feel and look in my landscape images. I hope you like the final image. Thanks for stopping by to read and connect.