Starry Night over La Conner Washington

I captured this stars photograph from the balcony of the local La Conner Inn in the early hours of Spring 2015. If you in or around an area with lots of light it is quite hard to get truly great images of the stars. And to get clear shots of the Milkyway you need to escape to the mountains or areas that are far away from cities with lots of light.

Star photography is basically driven by three factors.

You need to pay attention to your ISO, your Aperture, and Exposure speed.

For this particular image I used the following three combination to produce what you see above.

ISO: 500

Aperture: f2

Exposure: 20 seconds.

If you are able to escape out to the mountains or desolate area where there is more darkness and want to capture the Milkyway you will need setting similar to these:

ISO:1200 – 2400

Aperture: 2.8 Maximum

Exposure: 30 seconds

I am still on a quest for the Milkyway. On one occasion I participated in a Starry Night Workshop at Mt. Rainier in Washington State. The trouble with this event was the weather. It rained all day. The clouds moved in and stayed in. So… my images were not good.

One of these days I will try again. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog and photos.