Pike and First Avenue in Seattle

The city is always alive with nameless faces and souls traveling about. I wonder where all these people are headed, what is on their mind, and a curiosity about their story in life.

Street photography is all about story.

seattle, pike place market, farmers market, pedestrian, street photography, urban, city, HDRThis image was captured at the corner of Pike and First Avenue in Seattle. In the background you see the Famous Pike Place Market and News Stand. What I like best is the independent stories of five people. All headed the same direction and with different thoughts rambling around in their minds.

Surely some are happy, some are broken and mending, some are rocking on, and some are in it for others, and some are just tourists. I see this in the faces, demeanor, step, and attire they wear. This street photo works best in color so that you can imagine those story lines.

Technically speaking I used a Nikon D600 with Nikon 50mm 1.4 lens. These are the only items I need for walking around the streets of Seattle or any major city and capturing interesting people.

My camera settings were:

ISO 360




I used two editing programs to create my final image. I used LightRoom 5 and Photomatix Pro, plus my proprietary street preset. Enjoy and feel free to visit my gallery at Fine Art America to check out other urban and landscape works of fine art.