Foot Long Corn Dogs at the Carnival

corn dogs, hot dogs, cotton candy, carnival food, nachos, pink lemonade, Carmel corn, junk food I love carnivals. They are a key piece of my memories from my younger days. My way younger days.

Specifically I remember cotton candy, carmel corn, carnival games like ring toss, and my uncle who I recall worked at the ring toss game. He had a smock similar to those Home Depot things, except his was shorter (only around his waist) and packed with plastic rings, carnival tickets, coins, and I am certain a joint and roach clip. It was the early 70’s after all.

He was all long hair, humor, someone I looked up to, and full of love.

So… that’s my backstory about my connection to carnivals and carnival activity.

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This image was captured on the streets of Snohomish during Kla Ha Ya Days. Kla Ha Ya Days is a once a year festival that happens in and around the small country town of Snohomish Washington. There are street vendors, fun activities, and one of those traveling carnivals.

I really loved the colors of this vibrant trailer on wheels loaded with carbs and junk food. It totally brought me back to the smells, sights, sounds, lights, and tastes of a small town traveling carnival.

Please enjoy this image and remember your first time at the local small town carnival.