Post Alley in Seattle Washington

It is always an adventure traveling into the iconic heart of Seattle… Pike Place Market and Post Alley. So much rich and iconic culture from the Pacific Northwest.

These two locations are my home away from home. I have been heard saying “If I ever go missing you will find me at Lowells.” Lowells is an awesome restaurant and bar located in the Pike Place Market with an outstanding view of the Puget Sound from the third floor.

On many occasions I have capture photos from Post Alley and throughout Pike Place Market. I have captured signs, images of the famous gum wall, and people enjoying the moment in the alley.

This image is a bit different. What I like is the lone woman carrying a bag of possibly groceries head back to her apartment near Pike Place Market. The other thing that stands out here that does not stand out in many of my other Post Alley photos is the new graffiti plastered on the brick wall. For me this adds some new grunge and character to the current times in our world.

Please enjoy and purchase this new image of Post Alley. It has become one of my new favorites.



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