Seattle street musician with a violin

I love getting lost among the inhabitants and artists of the city with my camera. These street musicians playing at the Seattle Public Market are amazingly talented.

There is something very beautiful about seeing and hearing their gifts they give to complete strangers at the market. This street musician with a violin was playing so beautifully. Her violin and the sounds she produced were so smooth yet haunting.

I had to take her picture. I had to preserve the moment for me and for others who enjoy my photography.

Life can go pretty fast. Be intentional and slow it down so that you can enjoy it more.

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Rocking out on the streets of Seattle

Pike and First Avenue in Seattle

A walk down the streets of Seattle at the Pike Place Market can really help you connect with the inhabitants of the city and help you enjoy life more. I guarantee it! It has helped me slow down and appreciate more about people, which has enriched my experiences.

Truly we all need each other to mingle together to make life a complete experience.

Please enjoy this street musician and her violin.