New Journey Up a Cascade Mountain Road

On this journey I was seeking out great places to capture the beauty of the Northwest that most never see.

First… let me explain the journey. It was a dirt road. It was one lane. Traffic was going up the hill on the one lane road and traffic was coming down the one lane road. Did I mention the condition of the road. It was laced with pot holes that looks more like lakes with hidden depth. And…on one side of the road was drop off of a couple of thousand feet. So, those pot holes disguised as lakes were unavoidable. We hit them all!!!

Was it worth it? Oh yeah!! This photo is of a small stream or possibly a connection to the nearby river. Anyway I am not expert on rivers only landscape, street, and HDR photography. ; )

cascade mountain river

I imagine we traveled about 5 to 7 miles up hill. Our destination was the top of the mountain, to a spot called Moony Ridge. I understand there are some spectacular views from the ridge. We did not make it. Instead of going right we went left and came to cell tower and a dead end.

The next time I will turn right!!

However, we did see this awesome spot across one of the narrow bridges. I called it Blue River. Go ahead… Buy and hang Moody Blue River in your home, cabin, or office.

burlington northern train bridge

Other awesome spots we saw were small water falls, rivers, ponds, an awesome view, thick trees, hunters, a train crossing above one of the small water falls, and a towering train bridge right through the beautiful landscape of the Pacific Northwest and Cascade Mountains. You gotta come see it with me next Spring at my Skykomish Spring HDR Workshop.

We will stay in the small one-horse town with a motel and tavern. Skykomish is a train town. Many trains stop here for repair or switching that are coming into and out off the Cascade Mountain range. Burlington Northern and Amtrak frequent these lines.

Just a side note. The best fried chicken this side of the Mississippi can be found at the Whistling Post Tavern on the main street of the town of Skykomish.

The open nature and pristine views of this Northwest location are to die for. Email for info about my upcoming Skykomish Spring HDR Workshop.

I did keep an eye out for black bear. None spotted on this day.