Before and After: Zombie Ferry Ride

Mukilteo State Beach and the Ferry always present awesome composition opportunites.

Those of us who live and play in this area may tend to take the sheer beauty of this place on earth for granted. I always do my best to keep the viewer in mind. They may have never been to Mukilteo or been up close with a real ferry.

This image struck me as different than my typical and natural HDR image. Post processing would develop from the thoughts of my mind and the final image as I saw it.

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At first you simply see a parade of ferry boat riders boarding. In my twisted mind I imaged zombies going for a ride on this ghost boat and the living dead wandering the high seas recking havoc.

That story might make for a great screenplay and movie.

Before or RAW capture: 5 frames at ISO 100, 28mm, and f11. Exposure was metered through the camera meter. Bracketing was not used. It was getting dark due to the weather and I could have bumped up my ISO to 200 to get more light. Next time.


It was Friday at about 3:30 pacific daylight time. Ferry riders just off work and heading home to Whidbey Island.  In post processing you will see they are all ghosted because I chose to merge the images all together and not remove the ghosting.

After HDR post processing: A stark and hopefully scary difference from the original RAW image. I let my imagination run wild. What I saw in my mind were Zombies boarding the ferry boat. This is the final image that came out of my thoughts and HDR post processing talents.

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