Family Fishing from the Mukilteo Pier

It was a rough week at work. And my way of finding balance through storms and struggles in life come through the images I capture through my lens.

My camera was packed for action. The photoshoot at the home in Monroe fell through for the day. So… I found myself in Mukilteo waiting, watching, and photographing the incoming and outgoing ferry.

Here is a ferry image I like most from the day. I call it Ghost Ship.

While waiting for the ferry to arrive at Taylor’s Landing in Mukilteo I saw this group of people fishing off the pier. They all seemed like one big happy family. The kids were running and frolicking around, parents corralling them, and others casting lines out into the water.

In this image you could feel the love radiating from this spot in the world as the family fished for dinner. There souls were bright and happy.

I was inspired to see this family fishing together. I titled the photograph Soul Power because I was inspired by this family to remember the power of my own soul.

The choice was clearly mine. I could choose to let the bad news of the day ruin and darken my soul or I could choice to embrace the light and let happiness seep in and transform my day.

Enjoy this polaroid inspired image of color, fishing, family, and the glorious sky of the Pacific Northwest from the Pier at Taylor’s Landing in Mukilteo Washington.