Tourists at the Seattle Gum Wall

The City of Seattle is rich in street photography opportunities.

I love capturing the hustle and bustle of tourist exploring the gum wall located in Post Alley just below the Seattle Public Market; AKA Pike Place Market.

At the market you will find the Famous Fish Market as seen whenever the Seattle Seahawks are on prime time television. The dude working there are awesome… throwing and catching. You will find fresh flowers, awesome seafood, local vegetables, local vendors with local items such as honey, Mt. St. Helens ash, lotions and soap, clothing, craftsman wood products, cool bow ties, and local artist sharing their photos and paintings. The market is so rich in culture. You gotta see it if you haven’t.

Anyway… I digress.

The subject here is two girls traveling in opposite directions while passing the Seattle gum wall.

I found the opposite direction a good composition for this street photograph. Would love to hear from you on your thoughts of this composition. Love it our hate it, I am interested in your comment. Go ahead and leave a few below. And then swing by my Pacific Northwest galleries.

City Life


Pike Place Market


In post processing I finished this one in both color and black and white. I preferred the photo in color better. The colors of the gum wall seem to matter here rather the the classic black and white feel of a cliche street photograph.

… and I prefer to share only the best of the two options. I helps me to feel more decisive rather than wishy washy with my photographs.