12 Intentional Thoughts of Inspiration for 2017

Welcome to 2017!!!

The tone for this year will be “Intentional Inspiration.” This will appear through my words and through my photographs. It is my charge that I leave you with value after reading my words and seeing my images.

May you have the best year ever.

  1. May you be safe, happy, and productive.
  2. May you find your dream and make it true.
  3. May you hold onto your loved ones and hug them more.
  4. May you lead yourself and others forward.
  5. May the day be long and prosperous.
  6. May you find gold in the words and works of others.
  7. May you always say kind words in private and in public.
  8. May this year be the year you rise above the pain.
  9. May today inspire you for a better tomorrow.
  10. May art touch your soul and drive you deeper in thought.
  11. May every day lead to great days.
  12. May love find you and hold you always. 

Thank you for seeing and reading my blog. I am grateful for your patronage.

Please continue to follow as I continue to find my eye and voice for this blog.

Peace to you and your family.