I got crabs in Seattle

Hey now!!!

I’ve arrived back to the land of the living from a major cold or possibly the flu. It was horrendous.

So… after feeling better I got out with my sister who was in town for our cousins funeral and my gorgeous wife. We pursued the Pike Place Market, walked the mean streets of Western Avenue where a homeless man reached into a garbage can and came out with a refreshing half gone beer.

Seattle is becoming a real pit of a city. I am embarrassed to call it my home any more. The streets and freeways are bursting with homeless camps and scary looking people.

Yet… these moments create great “real street life” moments worthy of sharing. But not here. No!! Today I am sharing my Fish Market crabs on ice photo processed in Topaz Glow.

Hope you enjoy the fun in this photograph. Please be sure to come see all my best images at my gallery over on Fine Art America.

I am sincerely grateful. Peace. ; )