Dawn on Bainbridge Island

Winter has been long here in the Pacific Northwest. We have had relentless rain, snow, and generally cold yucky weather. The weather has not been conducive to photography.

This past weekend my wife and I got out to Bainbridge Island and the weather totally surprised us. We were blessed with sunshine, blue skies, and artist clouds for the perfect photo compositions.

Our weekend began Saturday morning on the Ferry Wenatchee crossing from Seattle to Bainbridge. Destination: Clearwater Resort for two nights.

Along the weekend trip we also scooted up the road to the City of Poulsbo and Port Townsend. Poulsbo offers a Norwegian atmosphere, while Port Townsend was filled with really old and very cool homes from the turn of the century, plus many Bed and Breakfast Inns. We even saw deer hanging out right on the grounds at one of the B&Bs in town.

I will be sharing much of this journey in photos over the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

Today… my focus is on Easter Sunday morning and the beauty of the Agate Passage on Bainbridge Island.

It was dawn at best and I was up before most at the resort. I grabbed my camera gear and down to the beach at the resort I dashed. Down the stairs to the beach… and… there it was a locked gate with a sign that read: High Tide – Locked for your safety.

While I stood on the wooden staircase down to the locked beach access I sipped my coffee and just stared out across Agate Passage at the pastel colors of beauty. The light of dawn created soft blue light with a glow of pink from the coming sun. The water was so calm. The moment was perfect. That small still voice in my mind said, “Capture it.”

This photo represents possibility and rebirth of our mind. I believe seeing this moment helps clear the fog from our mind and helps us breath again. This photograph may just be the thing that aligns happiness to your day and into your heart. You can purchase Dawn at Bainbridge Island” at my gallery.

May the Gods of weather shine down upon us here in the Pacific Northwest so that more great days lie ahead for golden photo opportunities to renew our mind and soul through the lens. I look forward to sharing more of our Pacific Northwest world with you. Thank you for stopping by to see and to read my blog.