The Master Suite in Neon

It’s been a nice break… and now… I’m back. The weather has cleared up. Winter is behind us. Rain, snow, wind, and flooding are in rear view window.

I had been deprived on my outdoor photography for an extended amount of time this year. Not any more.

This year I plan to share images from along Highway 2 in Washington State, the Palouse, Pullman, Spokane, Lake Roosevelt area, Bellingham, and St. Louis, Missouri. That is just for starters.

Now onto this image…

Aptly named “Master Suite in Neon.”

One of the things that has kept me extremely busy in the first half of 2017 is my real estate photography business. I have been shooting for elite real estate professionals in Snohomish County. You can view my new website here if you like.

This is an image from one of the bedrooms at a recent real estate listing I shot. I chose to modern it up for the viewer. Done in neon. I used the Topaz Glow plug-in to create this nice image. I kind of like the neon and glow look. Something fresh, young, and modern about the final image.

See more at my FAA website.

In this home the agent has invested the prior day staging each room. In this room she used an air mattress to simulate a queen size bed with mattress. Please don’t sit.. it might pop.

Next the agent tidied up the room, adding end tables and nick knacks, and finally a nice throw across the end of the bed with breakfast serving table for a touch of comfort and class.

I truly enjoy shoot real estate. Each house is so different and the stories of the people who live their always seem to intrigue me.

Please enjoy this image and be prepared for more neon and glow in 2017. 😉